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History of Saddle Shoes
The saddle shoe is a flat, casual, oxford style shoe with a saddle shaped cut out pattern stitched across the top-center of the forefoot. Saddle Oxford shoes first became popular in the 1960's, and at that time were considered sporty, much like a sneaker today. Their popularity has seen many ups and downs since the 60's, and today they are worn primarily by school girls as required by dress code, but that there are also many other groups that continue to wear the style.
Who wears Black and White Saddle Shoes?
black white saddle shoesToday, the saddle oxford style is not only worn by girls at school. There has been a recent trend amongst women in their 50's wearing the style- some attempt to resurrect their youthfulness of days long ago. Around Halloween, there is also a surge in saddle oxford sales, for school girl costumes, poodle skirt/sock hop costumes, and everything in between. As far as the future of black and white saddle shoes goes - one thing is for sure - there will always be a niche that will never let the trend fade out.